At 9 Kids, our vision is to create an exceptional learning environment for children to acquire 21st century skills and make them future ready by building a strong foundation from an early age.




Being in the field of education for more than 60 years, The H.B.Kapadia Group understands child psychology and the most effective ways to educate them, better than most of the educational institutes in the country. Leveraging this knowledge, understanding and learning from detailed research, The H.B.Kapadia Group came up with a whole new concept in 2014 for preschool kids to make them understand concepts deeply and develop life skills by doing fun activities at school.

A child learns best through experience and experiments, be it alphabets, colors, taste or social skills. To provide a hands-on learning environment to children, 9 Kids has 9 stimulating learning spaces for children to explore, learn and create.

A renowned educator says, “If you are going to focus on changing how students learn, then you have to ensure the learning space accommodates that learning”. Bearing this in mind, we make learning more relevant by conceptualizing curriculum around the real world affairs in our classrooms and the learning spaces. This also enables children to reach their full potential and become ready for higher schooling.

Individualised attention is another critical element in nurturing a child with desired knowledge and skills. At 9 Kids, we maintain a student to teacher ratio of 9 to 1, just as the name itself suggests.


Why 9

With 9:1 student to teacher ratio we are able to provide individualised attention to every child, know them better, help them grow their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Our integrated curriculum is designed in collaboration with early child care experts and is incorporated with proven best practices from across the world where children learn in a hands-on and experiential way at our stimulating learning spaces.

Memory experiments show that in traditional approach of teaching, students forget approximately 50% of the content just in the first 40 minutes after learning.

The figure shoots up to 70% within a day. When you combine activities that require movement, talking, and listening, it activates multiple areas of the brain and makes it more likely for you to retain.

We design activities at school with a learning outcome in mind. Our teaching involves open-ended questions to make children comfortable with their teachers and peers and eventually build up their overall communication skills. Our creative and innovative approach to learning also cultivates growing intellectual curiosity and a sense of enquiry among the kids.

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